Community Outreach

Energy XXI Empowers

Energy XXI remains committed to core values that encompass health and safety, environmental stewardship, honesty and transparency as well as corporate citizenship.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mission is to continue our commitment to the communities and habitats where we live and work. Our commitment to CSR not only helps us maintain long-term benefits for our stakeholders, but also continues to strengthen the positive relationships we have established.

Our CSR spans four important areas:

Community Development:

Empower the communities in which we live and operate by supporting local programs that improve the quality of life.


Encourage transparency in all of our operations.

Education and Training:

Support programs that provide learning or improvement opportunities.

Environmental Stewardship:

Continue safe and environmentally responsible operations by participating in programs that protect and rehabilitate the environment.

Community Development

At Energy XXI, we have a long track record of donating time, supplies, and financial aid to a variety of causes that promote the advancement of people in the communities we work and operate in.  Over the years, we have donated toys and supplies for children in need through the Bear Holiday Gift Drive, Toys for Tots, and Meals on Wheels for Preschool Children, and several programs through Child Protective Services.  Our donations included toys, schools supplies, food, and shelter supplies.

Energy XXI employees volunteer in the community at the Star of Hope, the Work Faith Connection, the Bilingual Education Institute, the MS 150 Bike Ride, and the Houston Rodeo.

Energy XXI also supports numerous community relations organizations through our generous Matching Gift Program.  Employees financial donations include the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Kidz Harbor, the Houston Ballet, the Houston opera, the Star of hope and K9s4Cops and many more organizations.

On occasion, the Energy XXI gally team at Grand Isle will cook for our local community. In the past, we have provided meals on several occasions including Missionaries doing summer work on the island and law enforcement that come to the island for annual events.

Enviromental Stewardship

Protecting-EnvironmentThe demobilization of pipelines can create a large amount of riprap that end up unused and left for waste. Riprap is rock or other material that can be used to armor shorelines against scour, water or ice erosion. It works by absorbing the impact of waves as they shoot up the wall and fall back down. Over the past few years, Energy XXI has donated several hundred tons of rip-rap to the town of Grand Isle for controlling erosion.

Employees have volunteers countless hours at Chester Island a globally “Important Bird Area” that is part of the Audubon Conservation Project.  Volunteers participate in beach cleanups, tree planting, updating and working on rainwater collection systems, treating the area with fertilizer and water and repairing signs and posts.

Every year, cities along the Gulf of Mexico do their best to prepare for hurricane season, but even the most prepared cities can use a helping hand after a hurricane has passed. It is in these times that communities come together and truly support one another as they move forward in their lives. After Hurricane Isaac tore through the Gulf of Mexico, Energy XXI stepped up and worked together with the city of Grand Isle to help put the community back together. The company provided food and housing to 32 National Guard Troops along with FEMA medical staff and heliport personnel during the aftermath support. In addition, Energy XXI also provided food to the residents of Grand Isle and electrical support for the Grand Isle Multiplex.

 Education & Training

Energy XXI realizes the value of supporting education in the community. We have supported numerous local high schools, the Houston Rodeo Scholarship Foundation, the Evans scholar’s Foundations, and many more through company and employee contributions.