Main Pass 61, 73, 296 & 311

Largest Complex in EXXI Portfolio
Year of Discovery MP 73 in 1976
MP 61 in 2000
Cumulative Production 291 MMBO
617 BCF
WI MP 61 & 73:  100%
MP 296 & 311:   50%
NRI MP 61 & 73:  78% – 83%
MP 296 & 311:  41.7%

The Main Pass complex is located in approximately 100 feet of water near the mouth of the Mississippi River. It comprises of Main Pass 61 field and Main Pass 73 field along with the Main Pass 296 and 311 fields that were acquired from EPL Oil & Gas. The Main Pass 61 field was discovered by POGO in 2000 and has been producing from the Upper Miocene sands since 2002. The Main Pass 73 field was discovered in 1976 by Mobil and began producing in 1979. Production from the Main Pass 73 field is also from the Upper Miocene sands ranging in depths from 5,000 to 12,500 feet.

Located 98 miles southeast of New Orleans in water depths of approximately 250 feet  and adjacent to the Main Pass 61 and 73 fields are Main Pass 296 and 311.  These fields were acquired from EPL Oil & Gas in June 2014.

The Main Pass complex targets that LP-1G, J-6 and BA-4-5 sands. Since acquiring these fields in June 2007, recompletions and development drilling have increased production over three times the original acquisition rate. The shallow discovery of the LP-1G sand in the Onyx well was a major contributor to this growth. At the time of discovery, the Onyx well was the largest producing well on the shelf.