South Timbalier 21

10th Largest Oil Field on the GOM Shelf
Year of Discovery 1957
Cumulative Production 259 MMBO
427 BCF
WI 100%
NRI 83%

South Timbalier 21 is the 10th largest oil field on the Gulf of Mexico shelf. It was discovered by Gulf Oil in 1957 and is located six miles offshore of Lafourche Parish, Louisiana in approximately 50 feet of water. South Timbalier 21 field includes acreage in South Timbalier blocks 21, 22, 23, 27 and 28, as well as two state leases. The field is bounded on the north by a major Miocene expansion fault. Miocene sands are trapped structurally and stratigraphically from 7,000 feet to 15,000 feet in depth.

South Timbalier 54

Year of Discovery 1956
Cumulative Production 72 MMBO
417 BCF
WI 100%
NRI 87%

The South Timbalier 54 field is located 36 miles offshore of Lafourche Parish, Louisiana in approximately 65 feet of water. The field was discovered in 1955 by Exxon and is set up at the confluence of regional and counter/regional fault systems. Pleistocene through Miocene sands are trapped from 4,800 feet to 17,000 feet in shallow low relief structures over a deeper seated salt dome. The main targets for the South Timbalier 54 field are the A, D, G, and H sands.