Focused on Operational Excellence

Our key assets are located primarily offshore on the Gulf of Mexico Shelf which is an area in less than 1,000 feet of water, and also onshore in the Gulf Coast region. We currently operate 89% of our proved reserves. As the operator of a property, we are afforded greater control of the optimization of production, the timing, and the amount of capital expenditures and the costs of our projects. Our geographical concentration in the Gulf Coast region also increases efficiencies and cost saving synergies.

Take a closer look at our core properties below.

West Delta

West Delta 73 Field

The West Delta 73 Field is a large low relief faulted anticline. This is our largest field based upon net proved reserves.

West Delta 30 Field

The West Delta 30 Field is a shallow piercement salt dome. This field is the third largest oil field on the GoM Shelf, based on cumulative production to date.

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South Timbalier

South Timbalier 54 Field

The South Timbalier 54 Field is a faulted anticline cored by deep salt. There are six production platforms and 28 active wells located throughout the field.

South Timbalier 21 Field

South Timbalier 21 Field is bounded on the north by a major Miocene expansion fault. A large counter-regional fault, along with salt and smaller faults, creates traps and separates hydrocarbon accumulations into individual compartments.

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South Pass

South Pass 49 Field

The South Pass 49 Field is a broad upthrown 3 way closure. . There are 13 active wells located throughout the field.

South Pass 78 Field

The South Pass 78 Field is a intermediate depth, complexly faulted anticline. There are four major production platforms, three of which have producing wells, located throughout the field.

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Main Pass

Main Pass 61 Field

The Main Pass 61 Field is a combination structural/stratigraphic trap at multiple levels and has produced in excess of 65 MMBOE since production first began in 2002.

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Ship Shoal

Ship Shoal 208 Field

The Ship Shoal 208 Field is a large shallow piercement salt dome that produces from over 30 Upper and Lower Pliocene reservoir. We have 13 platforms and 31 active wells throughout the field.

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